Why spend hours and hours filling out reports by hand with a lot of redundant information when our program will easily have these reports completed for you within seconds?


Below are the mandatory production reports (samples) required by Pro-Cert Organic Systems. Using our software you can quickly and easily create, preview, print and email these reports in just a few mouse clicks! You can also save any of these reports as Snapshot and/or secured and unsecured pdf (portable document format) files. Multiple pdf files can be merged with a click of the mouse and Snapshot files can be converted to pdf files.


To view these sample reports a pdf reader is required. If you do not have a pdf reader you can download the FREE Foxit Reader here.

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Organic Grain Growers Computer Software Programs

Prior Land Use Affidavit

Chronological Log

Table 4.1.c New Land History and Plan

Storage/Bin Records

Table 4.1.b Current Year’s  Production Plan

Production & Storage Summary

Table 4.2 Current Year’s  Production Plan (Actual)

Transportation and Marketing

Table 4.1.d Long Term Field Management History

Transport Sanitation Affidavit