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FOUR EXCELLENT REASONS to use a JG Software Product.


1) It saves time! With pen & paper or spreadsheets the same data has to be entered and calculated several times to generate all your required organic production reports! Organic Grain Growers Databases are developed to greatly reduce time and errors which are associated with manual record keeping. No need to enter the same data twice!

2) Itís more accurate with error reducing features! Managing records with pen & paper or spreadsheets can lead to errors. With our software there is no double or triple entries of the same data or any manual calculations.

3) Itís easier to manage! Installation is very quick and easy. Updates are completed as new information becomes available. All your data can easily fit on a jump drive or CD which is much nicer to work with and more organized than stacks of paper! Searching for a record is a snap!

4) It shows you how your farm is doing! With pen & paper or spreadsheets, generating reports is a long & complicated process. You have to manually create each report - including data entry, calculations & formatting. And repeat the whole process every time you need a report. Our software simplifies reporting! With a just a few clicks of the mouse our program generates and prints reports. This provides you with the ability to report on all your historical production transactions within a few seconds! Not Hours!

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Organic Grain Growers Computer Software Programs

Software for Your Organic Grain Production Records


†††††††††††††††† JG Software Organic Grain Growers Database programs were developed for producers of organic grains who are presently certified or applying for certification with Pro-Cert Organic Systems. You can be assured that our software will produce the correct reports for Pro-Cert because it was designed with Pro-Cert management consultation.

†††††††††††† JG Software Organic Grain Growers Databases are the only available software database programs for organic grain production and field management records. The software is user friendly and is disigned to greatly reduce time and errors associated with manual record keeping for organic grain producers. THERE IS NO NEED TO ENTER THE SAME DATA TWICE!


†††††††††††† Checkout our software programs for FREE. See the benefits of using any one of these programs for your organic farm records. You will save valuable time, reduce data errors and easily generate and print all your required Pro-Cert production reports. The onscreen data entry forms are designed for QUICK AND EASY ONE TIME DATA ENTERING!†


†††††††††††† If you are an organic grain producer who wants to significantly reduce manual data entries and save time reporting, while retaining all those important detailed production activity records required by Pro-Cert then have a serious look at our software. Download any version at NO COST.


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